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 The New Move

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PostSubject: The New Move   Fri Jun 12, 2015 1:21 am

I just wanted to take a moment and address the move that I am making, going from one free forum site to another. Yes, I am losing members, and I may not ever get them back. Yes, I am making it difficult for this forum to be found after people knowing the address to my other one for over 7 years!

But, and not to diss any other forum platform, yuku has made a lot of changes over the past couple of years and every time I try to make changes to my forum, I am blocked by some new measure that has been imposed on my board. Yuku has served me well for many, many years, (and I am so in love with the teal skin that I tweaked, changed, created there) but there is always a time to move on and this is my time.

You may ask, well if you are moving, why aren't you getting your own website, your own domain. That's simple. Money! lol...I have four small children at home (the oldest is only 3), so I don't want to buy a domain until I am sure that I have the traffic to warrant it, until I am sure that people want and like having my forum around.

I still intend to keep the board up at yuku, just on the off chance that some members from there may visit and and choose to migrate over here. But I definitely intend to do more with this forum, to work harder on this forum, to satisfy my members of this forum more, so I hope you stick around and just see where I take this!

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The New Move
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